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Conveyancing & Transfers

It is important to note not every attorney is a conveyancer.
Hepburn Incorporated offers professional conveyancing and transfer services regarding:

Hepburn Incorporated offers professional conveyancing and transfer services regarding:

  • the selling of:
  • homes
  • commercial properties
  • farms
  • registering a further bond over a property
  • subdivisions
  • consolidation of subdivisions

A conveyancer is an attorney who:

  • has passed a specialised conveyancing examination and
  • has been admitted as a conveyancer by the High Court of South Africa
Conveyancing is the legal process where rights in fixed property are registered in the Deeds Office. Only a conveyancer can perform this function. As with other aspects of the sale agreement, it is has become common practice for the seller and purchaser to negotiate the appointment of a conveyancer. Once the conveyancer receives payment of the transfer costs from the purchaser and the purchaser has made provision for the payment of the purchase price, the conveyancer will arrange payment to the Receiver of Revenue (transfer duty or vat) and to the local authority (rates) and obtain receipts for lodging in the Deeds Office.

The seller pays:

  • rates up to registration of transfer
  • levies up to registration of transfer (if a sectional title is sold)
  • entomologist (pest) certificate and any work required
  • electrical appliance certificate and any work required
  • cancellation cost – cancelling the seller’s bond over the property
  • estate agent’s commission

The purchaser pays:

  • rates clearance certificate and pro rata share of the rates and levies (for sectional title unit)
  • transfer costs comprising the tariff fee and vat
  • postages and disbursements and vat
  • transfer duty or vat (whichever is applicable) – payable to the South African Revenue Services
  • Deeds Office registration fees
  • FICA compliance fee that pays for the identification and verification of all natural and artificial or juristic persons involved in conveyancing transactions of the firm. Such proof of identity and other information required in terms of the Act must be retained by the conveyancer for no less than five years after the conclusion of the transaction

If the purchaser is registering a mortgage bond over the property purchased, the bond costs are separate and additional to the transfer costs


  • Conveyancing
  • Loan
  • Bond

Conveyancing Calculator

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Loan Calculator

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Bond Calculator

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  • Wills and estate planning
  • Trust formation and administration
  • Conveyancing and transfers
  • Specialised work in the commercial and agricultural sector (land claims included)

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