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Will and Estate Planning

Hepburn Incorporated strongly advises the correct drawing up of wills and sound estate planning, no matter how simple an estate may seem.

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Conveyancing & Transfers

It is important to note not every attorney is a conveyancer.
Hepburn Incorporated offers professional conveyancing and transfer services regarding:

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Commercial Law

Hepburn Incorporated, has years of experience in:

  • setting up commercial and agricultural property sales...

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Trust formation and administration:

A trust is a separate legal entity which exists apart from the individuals who control it and benefit from it. It has its own bank account and submits its own tax returns. It has its own annual financial statements.

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Conveyancing Calculator

Use our Conveyancing Calculator.

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  • Wills and estate planning
  • Trust formation and administration
  • Conveyancing and transfers
  • Specialised work in the commercial and agricultural sector (land claims included)

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