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Legal matters are daunting for the average layman and can lead to untold problems, unless handled professionally.  Karen Hepburn, of Hepburn Incorporated in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has the expertise to ensure you avoid legal pitfalls and promises to keep you on the right side of the law.  Karen is known for her empathetic approach.  Her clients say she has the uncanny ability to unravel the issue at hand, take stock of the 'real' problem, de-mystify legal jargon and, once she has won the trust and confidence of her client, ‘woe betide’ the other party!  Don't be fooled by the relaxed and easy-going attitude of this wife and mother of three.  When it comes to sorting out your legal problem, you'll be pleased to have her on your side.

Karen began her career in law at Austen Smith in 1992. Within a short period of time she was offered a partnership, and when ‘AP’ retired, she became the senior commercial partner.  The following year Karen teamed up with AP to form AP Smith & Hepburn.  Karen's success and reputable reputation led to her opening her own business - Hepburn Inc is among KwaZulu-Natal's leading legal practices.

The company comprises a small, experienced team which offers:
  • personalised service
  • a friendly, relaxed environment which takes the anxiety out of legal appointments
  • the option of meetings at the client’s venue
  • comparable rates
  • trust proficiency

Hepburn Inc specialises in:

  • wills and estate planning
  • trust formation and administration
  • conveyancing and transfers
  • specialised work in the commercial and agricultural sector (land claims included)


  • Wills and estate planning
  • Trust formation and administration
  • Conveyancing and transfers
  • Specialised work in the commercial and agricultural sector (land claims included)

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